3s lipo battery


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Rated Capacity: 5000mAh min, 5050mAh typ

Nominal Voltage: 11.1v

Wat-Hour Rating: 55.5Wh

Max. Operating Voltage Range: 9V to 12.6V

Max. Charge Voltage: 12.6V ±50mV

Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 5000mA(Limited by PCM)

Discharge Cut Off: 9V

Internal Impedance: <120mΩ

Expected Cycle Life

@ (0.5C/0.5C) @ 23±5°C: 500 cycles ≥ 80%

Understanding 3s lipo battery:

It differs among one series ( 1S ) and two series ( 2S ) batteries and three series ( 3S ) concerning voltage and capacity. 3s lipo battery has three cells hooked in a battery pack while 1s and 2s Lipo batteries have one and two cells respectively. So 3S Lipo battery has more voltage than the other series. Each cell has 3.7 volts, so 3S has 11.1 volts while 2S forms 7.4-volt battery, which means 3 cell Lipo battery having more capacity, which indicates more energy held in Milliamps. Also, weight and size of the battery determine the voltage and capacity of it.

How to Charge 3s lipo battery:

3S Lipo battery outweighs 1S and 2S Lipo battery in voltage and the capacity. The charge rate ascertains the life span of the battery. Therefore, charging should be done cautiously to avoid shortening battery life. Using the specified Lipo battery charger or computerized charger is important. For the computerized charger, suppose you have 2S battery while selecting 7.4 volts on your charger, any interchange will destroy the system. However, a computerized charger will warn you before selection. Balancing is critical when charging 3S lipo battery. And all digital chargers have a balancing plug which maintains 0.003 volts in each cell.

3s lipo Battery Store:

3S Lipo battery should be stored when charged but not when it’s fully charged. When the battery is stored at a room temperature, it discharges.When the intensity of the heat increases, it makes the excess oxygen to mount. If this happens, the battery should be disposed of because Thermal Runaway will occur. It makes the Lipo battery burst since the pressure exerted by the increased temperature creating resistance. Once again the 3S Lipo battery should be stored in a fireproof container. The common problem witnessed by people when handling Lipo battery is improper storage. The battery will discharge if it sits for a long span of time.

Disposing Of 3 cell Lipo Battery:

Before disposing of the 3S Lipo battery ensure that the warranty is not expired. The battery is replaced if the warranty is not expired. There are several ways to dispose of 3S Lipo battery. Firstly, you only mix the table salt into warm water. Add more water and stir until it can no longer dissolve. Leave the battery in water for 24 hours, and it will automatically dissolve. Alternatively, check the voltage of the 3S Lipo battery before disposal. If the voltage is 0.0V, put the battery in salt water. Another way is to dispose of it in the trash. The 3S Lipos is environmentally friendly and may be thrown in the garbage.

RC LiPo Battery 11.1V(3S1P)

The single cell lithium battery standard voltage of 3.7V, discharge can be reduced to 3.0V, charge up to 4.2V. Lithium polymer battery is one of lithium batteries, high energy density, light and easy to carry.