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Lithium Batteries

High efficiency, long life, environmental protection

MSDS   UN38.3   IEC62133

Provide a variety of lithium batteries



In the era of advocating environmental protection, lithium battery is undoubtedly a mainstream application of electronic products, compared to other manufacturers, we pay more attention to the future development. Lipol battery have high storage energy density, is about 6-7 times the battery, long service life. 

We are committed to developing high energy density lithium batteries. Combined with the use of smart products and enclosures, we provide solutions to medical, sensing and communication problems.

The widespread use of lithium batteries is undoubtedly exciting, at the beginning of the customer may not have a specific idea of ​​the specific application of lithium batteries, often in the application process is not determined to change. I want to say, the power of Lipol battery is flexible and it can contain anything electronic to do. Evev if in production, use, scrap, do not produce any harmful heavy metals.

As applications get smaller and smaller, it takes 80% of the application, which gives us an idea of ​​the importance of lipol battery.

Lithium battery combustion or explosion is usually due to heat accumulation can not be spread.

Therefore, the proper use of lithium batteries to prevent this from happening.

1. Do not run out of battery charge.

2. Do not over charge.

3. Check if the charger used is qualified.

4. The working environment should not be too hot.

About us

We are LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, from a small trading company developed into the current Shenzhen,China lipo battery manufacturers. For more than eight years, we have been learning from other suppliers in China and are committed to creating high-quality, competitively priced lipo batteries. In the meantime.  Our vision is to bring together most manufacturers that offer high-quality lipol batteries and set up a mall to provide high-quality,affordable lipo battery directly to compaines of all types,including OEM brands. Also welcome to visit our first website.http://www.lipolbattery.com


We specialize in producing li po battery with PCM,NTC and wire with custom need. And lithium battery can be assembled with JST and Molex connectors. Also, we not only provide standard lithium batteries, but also be customized.Of course,customers also like our full range of batteries. We provide many lists of li-ion battery. There’re 1S1P, battery pack, 18650, high rate li poly battery and so on. However, no matter how many kinds of batteries we provide, we only focus on one thing: li po battery. In short, we provide a full range of services from the design, production, packing and transportation of lithium battery.

Lipol Apply

Healthcare products, communications, robotics, Measurement devices, Sport wearables, Smart devices, sleep tracking wearables, E-bike, Wireless technology, RC, electric scooter, GPS Golf watch, aircraft, Automotive, industrial measurement device, electronic hardware products, remote control, housing tooling, audio product. For example, due to the pressure of life, we gradually showed migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, and sinus pain to name  a few. Tuner can help you relieve stress and pain in just a few minutes a day. Lithium battery as a built-in charging device for tuner, it will provide more convenience and health.

Introduction of li pol battery components


Protecting battery when temperature rise or drop rapidly.


Improving safety of li po battery and extend its service life.


Easy to assemble with Molex, JST connectors…


The length of wire depends on customers’ needs.


1. Rapid Reply (Please feel free to contact us because we’ll reply our customers within 12 hours.)

2. Sample Available (In order to meet customers’ need for test or demonstration, samples are available.)

3. Sample Available (In order to meet customers’ need for test or demonstration, samples are available.)


Lipol battery for our company’s pricing or specifications, in order not to affect your purchase, please contact us. We do not provide phone contact information because we can not provide high quality products at attractive prices. We provide high quality batteries, technically we do not compromise, and on human resources we decide on slippers.